Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Will you buy PS Vita at once when released?

PS Vita starts at an unbelievable $249 price tag, and available in two exciting models with amazing features like dual analog sticks, 3G/ Wi-Fi and motion sensors. It has high performance CPU & GPU which provide you a visually outstanding graphics that you never seen before on a portable console. And also you can chat with friends when playing games or watching video with your PS Vita. It is definitely going to be the choicest console of the year for all gaming fans.

In addition, some other features like: replace background, touch screen and move to aim instead of buttons are absolutely surprising. Meanwhile, from what i have learned some of the best games in the form of concept seem to be coming to the PS Vita. The advanced technology which supports high revolution games is used in PS Vita, so this device surely reduces the loading time of the game to make you enjoy more gaming action. Its storage will take flash media up to 32GB so as to make gaming more easily.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Hustle Kings, Little Deviants and Little Big Planet are some wonderful and famous games you can play on PS Vita with more fun and features, Little Big Planet is especially amazing.

We believe PS Vita will definitely rock the market once released in Japan late this year with superior features to any other handheld consoles and the price will be significantly affordable. With its motion controller, Sony is using immersive interaction primarily through a more tactile interface.
Therefore PS Vita is the latest buzz in the gaming world. Its exciting features and unbelievable price tag have made it the choicest option for all gaming fans. Are you ready to experience the next generation gaming device?

Someone maybe going to buy once it is released. But According to my experience with PSP, I don’t want to buy it so earlier, just wait for some time.

I bought one PSP and a great number of games when it was released; I was highly pleased with them at that time. However, several months later the slim version came out with lower price and faster speed compared with original one, and also it is obviously lighter and smaller. I am regretful for what I have done before. In fact, Sony also does the same with PSP 3000.

Now my original PSP is pretty much out of date because of too slow loading time. It is almost impossible to play any PSP games was then designed for more powerful PSP 2000 or 3000.
I suppose this will happen with PS Vita samely based on Sony’s product extension strategy. It happens commonly for electronics, better build quality, slimmer and smaller and obviously cheaper, but significantly unfair for buyer who bought one original. This happens with consoles as well though, better build quality and smaller

So suggest to anyone considering buying PS Vita, stop step or just buy the second, or even the third version.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

R4i gold 3ds and Supercard dstwo support DSi V1.44

Notice: Do not update your DSi console if you still want to use your R4 flashcard. Just wait until your flashcard site

releases the update patch for this firmware.

Recently Nintendo has updated the DSi firmware from DSi V1.43 to V1.44 in the US and Europe,which has blocked all of

the flashcards in the market. We can just sit down and waiting updating patch is released.

About Nintendo DSi update:

This update resolves an issue that could have created connection problems when uploading photos to Facebook

This update provides behind-the-scenes improvements to system performance

R4i gold 3ds supports DSi V1.44

Luckily,if you own one R4i gold 3ds,you can update your flashcard to version 1.44 with its latest patch.But if you own one

old version R4i gold, you have to wait until its patch com out.

That is original text in R4i gold 3ds official site:

The DSi V1.44 Patch for R4i Gold 3DS is released now! (for R4i gold 3DS card only)

Note:This patch is for R4i Gold 3DS only,we will release non-3DS card version later. Please read readme.txt attached in

detail before updating. Just download R4iGold3DS_NDSiV1.4.4 Patch for R4i gold 3ds card and update your

flashcard.After updating with success, R4i gold 3DS can support 3DS and NDSi V1.4.4.

You can download the latest kernel here for DSi 1.44 updating.

Supercard DSTWO supports DSi V1.44

Please download firmware v1.13 here which supports DSi 1.44 and 3DS

EZ-flash VI with 108 firmware can support DSI version 1.44
DSTWO also can support DSI version 1.44.

Rumor said EZ flash vi also can support DSi V1.44

Note : Never update your console firmware before updating your flashcard.

We are expecting other Flashcard's updating patch can be released as soon as possible.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

M3DS Real Review

The M3DS Real designed and manufactured by M3 adapter team can support DS, DS lite consoles and its predecessor is M3DS simple and its brother is M3i Zero. It is the same with some other R4 cards that it owns 100% NDS compatibility and also owns some other better features.

Just because former M3DS Real is basically same with most R4DS cards, M3 team designs this unique style and leads fashion at that time.

The package size of M3DS Real is the same with that of M3i Zero that with grey color and a little hole to hang up in shop. In fact, its package size is smaller than Supercard dstwo but larger than R4i gold 3ds and R4i SDHC.

The design of carte M3DS Real is wonderful just like Supercard dstwo nowadays that one clip holds two parts together pretty well. Its build quality is exactly solid that it is hardly not been bent or creaked

Package Content:
• M3DS Real cartridge
• Micro SD card reader
• Rumble Expansion pack

                                Cartucho M3DS Real

In fact the GBA Expansion Pack is the best stuff about the M3DS Real, it takes clean ROMs, and works fast and well, and even features cheat support and real-time save functions.

Just like other R4DS cards, the M3 Real requires a MicroSD card with the firmware installed together so as to work. It works by reading the MicroSD card content and loading the firmware from the card now, these cards do not need to flashed but only updated easily when new firmware come out.

The M3DS Real's loader is stored on the MicroSD card, and when the system files cannot be found, a message saying "No system file found! Put system file in". So please remember to put loader files in the root of your MicroSD card. And also when using, firstly players have to drag and drop all the game files on to the microSD card and then enjoy playing. In general, both homebrew and wifi games are well supported by M3DS Real.

The M3 DS Real is a really sturdy cart with excellent Rom compatibility and outstanding Rumble Expansion pack and lower price. I do recommended this cart for player who wants both DS and GBA excellent Rom compatibility at a competitive price.

Auto Homebrew DLID patch
Cheat Support
Good skinning engine

Random 10sec lag when selecting games from NDS and GBA games
Homebrew will only be automatically DLDI patched if placed in the root of the MicroSD

Official Feature List:
100% Game compatibility supports clean ROM's
Works with any DS.
Extreme simple to use: just drag and drop files to the M3 Cart.Standard FAT system.
Supports the Micro SDHC specification, allowing for high capacity memory cards 4GB, 8GB...
Exclusive Super Cheat Function:
Fully AR Cheat Code compatible engine
A Ready-Made Cheat Code database file is available for download (English, Chinese, and Japanese)
Support reading individual cheat code file too. (xml, cht, dht)
Special Game features can be enabled during game playing: (such as: SlowMotion mode...)
Software reset function
Automatically detect game save type. (No need to provide save type database file.)
Excellent homebrew support. DLDI auto-patcher.
Upgradeable system. No size limitation of Flash rom.
Robust & skinnable GUI.

Monday, February 6, 2012

PlayStation Network account (PSN) being converted into Sony Entertainment Network account (SEN)

With an aim to unify Sony’s PSN and other Entertainment Network services, recently Sony has released statement to make clear its attitude to rebranding PSN instead of SEN- Sony Entertainment Network as of Tuesday, February 7, 2012. It is also noted that this change will not apply to PSP when logged in.

So when PS3 and PS Vita users log in, they will see SEN and say goodbye to “PSN” forever, but PSP users still can see the PSN. As to the username and password which keep the same with before, and anything you have purchased for your PSN account before will belong to your now SEN account, although the "rebranding" includes changes to the Terms of Service, User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

This change is helpful for Sony to unify and consolidate user accounts across all Sony services. PSN users logged in the gaming network using a PSN account previously, but after February 7 they can access gaming and other entertainment services from only one SEN account. In the press release, Sony said "This helps us get closer to our goal of establishing a global comprehensive network platform of services across games, movies, music and more, all accessible from one convenient account."

The new SEN account will let users access Video Unlimited, Music Unlimited, PlayMemories Online and other Sony products.

Some blogs speculate that the rebranding of PSN accounts may reflect Sony's attempt to distance itself from a cyber attack that led Sony to take the PSN and Qriocity network offline for almost a month in April 2011. Maybe this is one of big plans from the new president and CEO, Kazuo Hirai since April 1, 2011.
But anyhow, I hope Sony can improve really their service network service quality, not just rename its network account, or what they are bring to users is only trouble. Any reviews from you about this rebranding account?

Monday, December 12, 2011

Acekard 2i 3DS 3.0.0-5 released

At present, the fix file for AK2i/Acekard 2i has been released to support 3DS 3.0.0-5.

Acekard 2i is officially supported by akaio kernel and also is supported by the AK team to work on DS,DSi and 3DS. Acekard 2i doesn’t have any emulators, but you can always download one for it. And there are thousands of downloadable skins for you and even you can make one by yourself. So Acekard 2i is a wonderful 3DS carte.

If you play your 3DS with one Acekard 2i, I hope you still not update it to v3.0.0-5 and then you can download the latest kernel here from official site to make it compatible with 3DS 3.0.0-5(and DSi v1.43).That means if you want to keep using your Acekard 2i, make sure you upgrade it before you update your 3DS.

Please choose update file according to your console.

If you're using DSi or DSXL or 3DS, pls choose ak2ifw_update_3ds30_DSi143_onDSi_and_DSXL_and3DS.n ds to update, press “START” key to finish update.

If you're using DSL or DSPhat please use ak2ifw_update_3ds30_DSi143_onDSL.nds to update. Pls take out Acekard 2i after finishing program update and insert it again, then press “ B”, then press “START” key to finish update.

Or now when you buy one Acekard 2i with latest package, you can view the “reademe”file outside of package before upgrading. Down the latest kernel file .nds and copy all the files (not folder) to root of TF card and insert into Acekard 2i.And then put Acekard 2i in 3DS without update and then start your 3DS,you can see .nds fix file in your game list, click it and update.

New Features for 3DS upgrade to v3.0.0-5 in following aspects:
3D video recording
StreetPass Mii Plaza updates
Nintendo Zone Now Available
Nintendo eShop
System transfer
Enhanced online gaming features
Details in Nintendo site here

Acekard 2i christmas package
 Update: Until now,R4i gold 3DS,Supercard dstwo,R4i sdhc 3DS,Acekard 2i,M3i zero support 3DS latest firmware v3.0.0-5.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

R4i gold 3DS kort to support 3DS V2.2.0-4 and V3.0.0-5

It is so short for new firmware V3.0.0-5 comes out since 3DS has been updated to V2.2.0-4, It is without doubt that many R4 cards are blocked just like before.

After 3DS’s update v2.2.0-4, there is not enough time for some 3DS card companies to update their cartuchos 3DS kernel to support this new firmware, now they have to face the new firmware upgrade again, so hurry up.

But luckily, r4ids.cn has been the leader among cartuchos R4 companies after both of 3DS’s upgrade, now in general, R4i gold 3DS can support 3DS v2.2.0-4 and V3.0.0-5. That means as long as your R4i gold 3DS card support 3DS v2.2.0-4, then it will support 3DS V3.0.0-5 automatically.

However, in some case if your R4i gold 3DS can’t support v2.2.0-4, you have to download the patch here to upgrade your 3DS flashcard, then it can support V3.0.0-5 directly without other update.

If you own one R4i gold kort without 3DS mark and you have updated it with DSi V1.43 patch, then your R4i gold kort can support 3DS v3.0.0-5 directly.

Of course, you can download latest kernel WOOD R4 V1.41 here for both R4i gold 4DS and R4i gold to solve some games’ fix problem.So you can play Mario 3DS games now.

Christmas package for R4i gold 3DS.

In addition to R4i gold, supercard dstwo also been confirmed to support 3DS new firmware V3.0.0-5.

If you own one Acekard 2i kort, EZ-Flash Vi carte, M3i zero karte,cartucho R4i sdhc 3DS, you have to wait for some time until new kernel come out to support V3.0.0-5.

Acekard 2i christmas package

Monday, November 21, 2011

Supercard dsone kort review

Today i want to test Supercard ds one kort to guide for one who are going to get that.Of course, the basic package,hardware and software are important.

After five days shipping, I am getting one supercard ds one on my hands from schedads.com, its outside package is only a cardboard box which give me a feeling of fault: The R4 card and Micro SD reader may have been destroyed during shipping, because the outside package is wrinkled and bent. However, when I open the outside package, I am really shocked that I found the inside package-a plastic container has protected the R4 card and USB reader well, which is really impressed me. That means even if after many days shipping, you are not need to worry you will receive one damaged R4 karte. Or if you drop them down by accident, it will keep completely good.

The build quality is decent with one screw at the back of Supercard, which holds R4i card together well, unlike M3 DS Real with clips on the side to hold. When testing durability, after dropped, supercard ds one still be held together well.
However a bit of lack is Micro SD slot is very tight so that when you insert or take out your TF card, it is hard to do. For example, when insert TF card into M3 DS Real, I only takes the edge of my thumb to finish, but I need a finger nail to push TF card into supercard ds one carte.

As a matter of fact, it is a little bump, what I need to do is to get a right size screwdriver to take it apart, and screw it again, then the TF card can be inserted smooth, no trouble now. So you can ignore this problem.

Evolution OS is really creative, which is different from other cartucho r4 ds. The instruction can’t list EOS features, for example, when you download the firmware, it can’t guide how to access it and only tell it has an in-game menu that is used to access Real time save, brightness, access to a game guide and so on. That is a absolutely useful menu for you don’t need to turn off Nintendo console to switch games.

The instruction booklet guides you where to download the correct files and how to enter the “test menu” and don’t guide you how to change the speed of Micro SD card and how to access the cheats and how to get the cheats.

The Supercard ds one even don’t show any” unnecessary” files, like .gbc file, even there is no OS folder show when you put it on Micro SD card. That means supercard ds one is definitely not a nice file browser if you are looking for a certain file on your Micro SD card. Conversely, you have to need a laptop to make sure it is there.

Above all, supercard ds one owns perfect compatibility with almost every game, good “multi save” and “cheat menu” features. However, its “file support” exists many lacks, only own format, but hard to find the file. If you are familiar with R4 ds kort, Supercard ds one is a good choice for you to operate.

Of course, besides supercard ds one, you can choose other kort ds, for example,R4i gold kort,r4i 3ds karte, scheda R4i gold 3ds,cartucho acekard 2i,cartucho m3i zero,carte supercard ds onei mini,scheda supercard dstwo,R4itt 3D and so on.